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Finger Food

It's the little things that make the difference. Delicate, intensely flavoured and visually beautiful - our canapes are perfect for first class client entertainment. Our canapés are the perfect match to enjoy with one of our tailor made welcome cocktails, or perhaps just the beginning of a more extended culinary journey. Our canapés are the height of gourmet food and we've got a selection that is guaranteed to be some of the best you have ever tasted. Available in both hot and cold savoury options as well as sweet ones, we create canapés to work for every theme and every kind of event and satisfy every taste palette.

Each and every one of the canapés on our menu is made using fresh and where possible, locally sourced ingredients to ensure that these bite-size dishes are packed full of flavour so that with just one mouthful, you get every taste you could want and need.

To explore our canapes menus or find out more about tailor made canapes, please get in contact with our Event Planning Team today.

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Bowl Food

STIXX Catering is the first corporate event caterer in Poland to offer bowl food in its food offer. Bigger than a canapé but smaller than a main course, bowl food is the latest international catering trend that is redefining food service at corporate events. For a relaxed but more substantial food choice, our bowl food is deliciously chic and most importantly easily eaten with a fork, whilst chatting with guests around a cocktail table. Designed to be eaten standing up, bowl food is a smaller version of main course dishes served in a variety of bowls and served by our staff in the same way we present our canapés.

Our contemporary bowl food dishes and "small plates" are ideal for a launch event, grand opening event and corporate hospitality, where space is tight or when guests are arriving at different times. Also, if your event duration does not allow for a formal meal but you would like to offer your guests delicious bites to enjoy that are on offer throughout the event, serving bowl food is the ideal solution for you.

As the pioneers of bowl food in the Polish corporate event catering market, we have designed spectacular bowl food menus that feature hot and cold, fish, meat, vegetarian, vegan as well as dessert bowls and small plates. All of our bowl food dishes are created by using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that are in season at that time for the best flavour.

Offering bowl food at your next corporate event provides guests the ability to go on a culinary trip around the world in just a few hours. From Poland to France, Thailand to Spain, India to China, our international team of creative chefs will take you on a journey to remember. STIXX Catering is the only corporate event caterer that has a truly international team of chefs and as the originator of bowl food in Poland, we are the only choice if you would like to offer your guest a novel dining experience.

We also have a separate menu for 'small plates', which offer a more refined version of bowl food and include smaller versions of our starters or main courses from our dinner menus.

If our bowl food and small plates sound like a perfect fit for you upcoming event, please contact our Event Planning Team.

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Sit Down Dinners

If elegance and sophistication that will impress all participants are your objectives for your next corporate event, a sit down lunch or dinner created by STIXX Catering is the perfect solution for you. If serving up innovative, creative and delicious dishes in a formal way is what you want to achieve, our sit down meals are also the perfect choice. Presentation is equally important as taste for us and as contemporary corporate event caterers, our skilful chefs with their passion and innovation, create outstanding dishes for the most discerning palates.

Depending on the character of the event, STIXX Catering can offer a less formal yet highly attentive service or we can offer your guests the full white glove first class service style. Whatever the character of your event or our clients preference, the team at STIXX Catering, will make it truly incredible.

Whether you choose three, four, five or even six, seven or eight courses, our chefs will take your guests on an inspiring culinary trip featuring great ingredients, unique creations and truly unforgettable flavours.

We change all of our sit down menus regularly to incorporate the different seasons as we believe that top quality ingredients are the difference between good and great food. In this way we ensure that we are always serving seasonally inspired dishes and we always aim to use the freshest and where possible, locally sourced products in our cooking.

Carefully made, beautifully presented and professionally served, a STIXX Catering sit down lunch or dinner is a world-class dining experience and something that will most certainly satisfy all of your guests.

To explore our menus or find out more about bespoke sit down meals by STIXX Catering, please get in contact with our Event Planning Team today.

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If a very wide variety of choice is what you would like to offer, or you are hosting an event for a very large number of guests, our buffet options of both warm and cold dishes will most certainly satisfy everybody's tastes.

STIXX Catering offers the widest and highest quality selection of buffet menus in the corporate event catering industry in Poland and are perfect for large scale and less formal lunches, dinners and parties. Our menus are created to provide the widest possible range of satisfying flavours and tastes, and include food from around the world. If you are looking for something very different, we would be delighted to create a bespoke buffet menu for you to perfectly fit the character and theme of the event.

STIXX Catering means presenting your guests with a delightful selection of delicious dishes which guests can enjoy at their leisure.

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Live Buffets

If you are looking for ways to make our food buffets even more refined and sumptuous and create interaction between our chefs and your guests, we have the ideal solution for you. With our Live Buffets, your guests will only need to point out which dishes they would like to sample and our chefs will plate the dishes in a professional manner or alternatively, guests can let the chef create an interesting mixture of flavours and tastes on their plate. In both cases, the plating is happening directly in front of you and your guests. Our Live Buffets are a great way to entertain your guests and lifts the traditional buffet to a more elegant level.

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Live Cooking Stations

If a sit down meal is too formal and a buffet is too simple, STIXX Catering has the perfect choice for you, Live Food Stations. Food Stations are less formal and more flexible than a seated dinner but a little more refined than a standard buffet. This makes the food station offer an ideal option for all kinds of occasions, especially for larger corporate events. Easy to adapt to suit the theme of the event, whether it is a corporate event or party, food stations are a perfect solution for feeding each and every one of your guests with a diverse offer of food that they will love.

No matter what kind of food you would like to offer at the food stations for your event, we can make it happen. STIXX Catering is the best in the business in the food station offer and we continuously explore new, fresh and interesting offers that we can add to our food station concepts.

Our food stations are like a journey around the world, just like at our sister restaurant STIXX Bar & Grill, so whether sushi, dim sum, steaks or Italian food is your preferred choice, or Indian, Thai or Polish are your favourites or you would like a bit of everything, we can serve up all time classics from across the globe.

At STIXX Catering, we fundamentally believe and only work with high-quality ingredients because they make all the difference. So even with our food stations offer, you can rest assured that all dishes from our food stations meet our exacting restaurant quality standards and should not be confused with food truck quality food.

If you are looking for a creative, innovative and a fresh approach for your next event but still want to ensure the food served is of the highest standard, you have come to the right address.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how our food stations could work for your next event.

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STIXX Catering is not only at the forefront of innovative food creations. Our beverage offer is also unmatched thanks to our innovative combinations of spirits, mixers and fruit purees, herbs or spices turn simple ingredients into an amazing treat.

Our own mixologists love to pour, shake, chill and dream and having the largest bar with the widest spirit selection in Poland as their training ground, our options are limitless. Our sommelier is highly skilled in pairing the delicious creations from our kitchen with the superb wines in our cellars. The STIXX Catering wine list is only an indication of the wines we can offer discovered, and we are always delighted to work in collaboration with you to plan the wines for your event.