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A Team of


STIXX Catering offers the STIXX Bar & Grill's much loved combination of innovative cuisine and first class service to Warsaw's largest and most demanding corporate clients. It is always our aim to exceed expectations of our clients and your experience starts now. We are a full service catering company with an unrivalled commitment to quality, originality and perfection.

The quality offered by the STIXX Catering team is guaranteed thanks to our teamwork and vast experience. All our staff members are full-time employees and we do not employ students or other part-time staff members ensuring the perfect event execution.

All of our managers and staff members are highly trained, attentive and reliable and will look after each and every guest to deliver perfection each and every time.

Our Event Planning Team includes the following members:
Mateusz Czuper
Event Planning Manager
Ewa Fuklin
Event Planning Manager
Joanna Bogacka
Event Planning Manager
Our Executive Kitchen Team includes the following members:

STIXX Catering is the only caterer operating on the Warsaw market that can truly deliver on the theme of food from around the world thanks to our international group of chefs. Our kitchen team, headed up our executive chefs Tomasz Białowiejski and Krystian Grejman, is a highly experienced international team of 30 chefs that are highly qualified to deliver spectacular food creations from the Polish, French, Mediterranean, North-American, South-American, Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Nepalese, Japanese and Middle-Eastern cuisines.

Tomasz Białowiejski
Executive Chef
Michał Chrobok
Head Chef
Piotr Styś
Pastry Chef
Amir Shrestha
Demi Chef Thai & Indian Section
Sebastian Całka
Demi Chef Banqueting & Catering
Kacper Rudy
Marcin Buczyński
Chef de Partie Grill
Our Management Team includes the following managers:

Our management team includes the best in the business and all have a wealth of experience in the gastronomy and hospitality industry.

Marek Katrycz
General Manager
Our Event Operations Management Team includes the following members:

Your point of contact from confirmation through to completion of your event. The Event Operations Manager will answer any queries you may have, solve logistical challenges as well as oversee the event on the day or evening to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Jacek Deptuła
Event Operations Manager
Paweł Fuklin
Event Operations Manager
Our Beverage Management Team includes the following members:

Responsible for beverage stock management and all aspects of beverage service throughout the event.

Daniel Pasik
Head Sommelier

We believe that the quality of our service and bar staff are one of the key components to your successful event. All our staff our full-time employees and fully trained to achieve the consistently high levels of service required to give your guests an unforgettable experience. STIXX Catering can provide up to 40 service staff and up to 20 bar staff, all young, energetic and skilful professionals at their job.

Our recommended staffing levels per function are as follows:
Drinks Reception Reception + Canapes Reception + Bowl Food Buffets + Live Buffets Sit Down Lunch / Dinner Live Cooking Stations
Event Manager 1 per 200 1 per 200 1 per 200 1 per 200 1 per 200 1 per 200
Bar Staff 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per 50
Service Staff 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per 25 1 per 25 1 per 25 1 per 25
Head Chef N/A 1 per 150 1 per 150 1 per 150 1 per 150 1 per 150
Sous Chef N/A 1 per 150 1 per 100 1 per 100 1 per 100 1 per 3 stations
Chefs N/A 1 per 100 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per 50 1 per station
Kitchen Help N/A 1 per 100 1 per 100 1 per 100 1 per 100 N/A